"Imaged Communities" in the Journal of Canadian Studies, a co-authored contribution I'm so pleased to have been a part of, is up!

I was so pleased to come home this past week to the new issue of the Journal of Canadian Studies. Along with a great depth and range of fascinating essays it features a co-authored essay by myself, Martha Langford, Sharon Murray, Karla McManus, Aurele Parisien, and Philippe Guillaume titled "Imaged Communities." This multi-part and multi-authored series of short essays, or case studies, stems from research that was done as part of the Canadian Photography History/Histoire de la photographie canadienne (CPH/HPC), a research team that I have been a part of since 2012. The project has sought to create an online database of historical and contemporary writings on Canadian photography under the driving question of: "What did Canadians know about photography, and when did they know it?"

As my time at Concordia comes to an end this summer, the contribution holds a somewhat bittersweet sentimental value as a marker of the wonderful colleagues I've had the opportunity to develop both working relationships and friendships with and to my own growing interest in the histories of photography in Canada. My past seven years at Concordia have been an extraordinary experience, and while I can't wait to submit/defend/graduate I know that I will always carry these years with me fondly.

"Imaged Communities" in the Journal of Canadian Studies